Investor & Speaker Gustav Stenbeck

I am an angel investor working only with sustainable business.

Rather than just slap on a new coat of sustainable paint on an existing business with tons of unsustainable legacy, I'd much rather just do it right in the first place.

New companies are formed under new paradigms of sustainability and can focus on the pressing issues straight away, without losing traction on corporate politics. 

Therefore my portfolio is diverse when it comes to sectors, but uniform in focus. Only companies that make the world better when delivering business value are interesting to me.

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I'm an entrepreneur and a business angel. Incurable tech optimist, curious capitalist and innate ecologist. Evangelist for the business/ sustainability combo and keynote speaker.

I have for 15 years worked in the area where business and sustainability intersect. 

I spend my days doing three things:

Running and developing the tech scaleup Mestro. We produce kick-ass software that helps real estate companies save money hand over fist.

Investing in, and helping startups grow. I have a portfolio of companies that place sustainability at the core of their operations. As such they deliver sustainability value when they fulfill their business goals.

As a speaker, I give talks about the business/sustainability combo. On how the businesses of tomorrow need to change the way they make money to stay relevant and how this change is affecting the firms of today.